A Selection of DSNY Data

The Maps

Recycling Bins and Litter Baskets Plotted

Waste Diversion Rates by DSNY Districts

The Source

All data collected from the NYC Open Data Portal and the Department of Sanitation.

The Method

  1. Determined area of focus: waste management in the city
  2. Collected data from OpenData NYC
  3. Revied DSNY website to ensure my understanding of their responsibilities and scope
  4. Joined DSNY districts (shapefiles) and diversion rates (csv) using QGIS due to challenges in Carto
  5. Created map with joined data, defining style by diversion rate (darker = higher rate = greater percentage of waste is recycled
  6. Added recycling bins and litter basket data from previous map and used Carto's Intersect and Aggregate function to add counts to district
  7. Layered recycling bins over chloropleth and litter baskets underneath

Taking it further